How do I use my current DNS with Nova?

Besides individually adding my Nodes’ public IPs as A records with my DNS provider, is there a way to better integrate Nova into my current DNS setup?

Hi there :raising_hand_man:

The best way is to create a Nova Destination in your org. You’ll find this under Nodes > Destinations

When creating a Nova Destination, you can select your individual nodes or tag. Autoscaler deployments will auto-generate a Nova Destination for you. By selecting a tag or Autoscaler, we’ll ensure that your FQDN created under your Nova Destinations is always up-to-date with a healthy node IP address.

You can also enable further advanced health checks should you wish:


Awesome, thanks for that!

Quick one, can I use my own domain like instead of the Nova FQDN? What would be the recommended way to do this?

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Yes, you can just point as a cname to your Nova FQDN

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